Company policy

Mission, purpose and strategies

Offer customers quality products, ensure our employees work safety they deserve and respect the environment in which we operate: this is our mission.

About it we have objectives, that we are determined to achieve:


  • Achieve full satisfaction of our customers;
  • Improve supplier relationships involving suppliers in the process of achievement of high quality standards and environmental impact improvement process of all production activities;
  • Achieve full satisfaction of our employees by involving them in business decisions, aware of the importance of their work and responsible for their behavior inside the company.


  • Prevent each forms of possible pollution of the environment, not limiting ourselves to implement the provisions of the law, but also activating awareness behaviors about the impact of our activities in remote locations;
  • Maintain full cooperation with public authorities and supervisory authorities.


  • Ensure the safety of the workplace and safeguard the health of our workers, in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations and activating improvement behaviors.

Our strategy to achieve the objectives:

Strategies: Quality

  • Increase the skills of the staff about management principles for quality and environment;
  • Organize our activities in order to rationalize the use of natural resources and reduce the impact of our work on the environment:
    • optimizing the use of raw materials (in particular the metal bars),
    • decrease the production of dangerous waste,
    • reach 100% of the waste collection,
    • rationalize the use of electricity, gas and water.
  • Maintain full compliance with the applicable standards and requirements of the law;
  • Optimize and measure our internal processes to offer products and services that fully satisfy the general requirements, explicit and implicit of our customer (we are in possession of the IATF 16949)

Strategies: Safety

  • Train and sensitize the workers to perform their duties safely and to assume their responsibilities in terms of health and safety work.

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